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pilipinas got talent

[5:16 pm]

so after several weeks just sitting in the hard drive and finally getting the OK for upload…the ever talented filipinos. enjoy!

you may see more HERE

Covered by: Event Photography Society – Cebu [very thankful to be part of this small group]

Special thanks to Adrian Diongzon of ABS-CBN Cebu


afternoon stroll

[wednesday, july 13, 2011]

its been a while since i’ve gone to the mall. i was just going to drop off something for somebody, and then just head straight home afterwards. for some strange reason, i made that right turn after starbucks and drove down the ramp to the basement parking lot. i guess it was partly due to having an urge just to take pictures that day. i woke up in the morning realizing i never got to download my photos from my photo-walk the  other day. in a way, i was trying to make up for it. i just had decent shots on the card, but it just bothered me. i walked about 14k that afternoon and had nothing to show for it. that’s the second time i’ve formatted a card and not realizing that i never got to transfer the content…i must be getting old. here are some photos. enjoy

**pilipinas got talent season 2 and 3 [cebu leg] photos later if i get some time. got the OK from the boss to upload them…


at times, a short little hike up the mountains is all we need…and some iced coffee of-course